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During testing process, if you install WCMS server on the Win7 OS computer. It works normally but after you reboot up the computer and all the server do not work and shows: Please install server. Why?

It indicates that the server installer does not assign the authority to administrators.

Solution 1: Please exit server. Right click on the server icon and choose run as admin to reopen the server again.

Solution 2: Program --> CMS server/server control, right click and then choose property---compatibility---privilege level and run this program as an administrator

Login the WCMS Client and the system shows: Runtime Error, Why?
Firstly, please do not use XP operation system for CMS. The recommended server is Server 2008. Secondly, please recover the data. Please find the repair.bat file in the folder Mysql in the cms server installation directory. Double click this file to recover the database and then reboot the computer.
After the installation of WCMS3.0, the server window shows WCMS and email server can not work. Why?

If the server is windows 2003 or 2008, please confirm whether the netframework 3.5 is installed or not and make sure this installation package in miscoft is opened.

How to setup the video AVI converse and export video clip on Ceiba?

Please follow the below steps: 

Step 1. Run Ceiba and Double click on HDD/vehicle/local video file on left vehicle tree 

Step 2. Double click on a date on calendar to playback video 

Step 3. Click on scissor icon on bottom the time bar, setup the start/end time to clip video file 

Step 4. Setup save path. Click mean clip video and save 264 file to local disk. Export means export video of all channels with MINI player, and package them as one exe file. If you want to playback the video clip, please just double click on exe file.

On CMS live view, why the video shuts down suddenly?

1) On CMS Client, there is one setting on the SYSTEM SETUP menu, please disable the item: shut down the video automatically after 1 minute and choose never shut down

2) Please check whether the ADS is downloading the video files with high speed? This will cause the video closing because of the insufficient CPU resource.

How to setup the user authority on WCMS?

Please follow the below steps:

Step 1. Open IE browser and login WCMS server.

Step 2. Go to Basic Functions --> User Manage.

Step 3. Add a role first and assign the vehicle group and the authority to this role.

Step 4. Create user and password under this role.

Step 5. Login CMS using the new created user ID and password to monitor the certain group.

Why the MDVR boot up again and again?
Usually the incorrect hard disk installation will cause this problem, please check the hard disk installation. And please try to remove the HDD and check it again.
How to calculate the hard disk/SD card storage consumption for recording?

The following table is for your reference.

 HDD/SD Card Consumption Calculating Table 
 Frame  Resolution  Record Quality  1 channel/hour size (MB)  1 day size (GB)  (24hours/1channel)   500GB hard disk recording time (Day)
1 900
 D1  4  450
 D1 8 280
 HD1 1
 HD1 4 280
 HD1 8 140

Why the MDVR system shows that the hard disk/SD card is not formatted?

Condition 1: The SD card or hard disk is new. You have to format them in MDVR directly.

Condition 2: The hard disk or SD card is damaged. Please change the new ones to try again.

How to install the WIFI antenna?
The antenna must be installed on unobstructed place of the roof, and be fixed with glue.
How to install the AP antenna?

Install the AP antenna a few meters higher than the vehicle WIFI antenna. Make sure it is within visible range together with the vehicle antenna.  

Why no video on IE browser?

1. Check whether the IE plug-in is installed.

2. Right-click to start the image preview.

What can we do if after “shortcut setting” for the IPC, there is no picture or the screen is black when searching IPC?

Firstly, update the IPC app. If the problem still exists, check if the IP of the IPC in the LAN is conflicted. If it is conflicted, use tool to modify the IP.

Why the WCMS4.0 Ceiba II server automatically start the ARMSStorageServer?

1. Find the my.ini config file in the installation files directory, open the configure gilr, find yhr linr [mysqld], add skip-grant-tables and save this file, then start the service. 

2. Execute in the cmdline of mysql

mysql>use mysql;

mysql>update user set password=password('c6l7r8ceacvi2010vs') where user='root';

Old password: 9ce5ccb2d64b79f 

New password: c6l7r8ceacvi2010vs 

mysql>Flush privileges;

3. Delete the line of adding config file my.ini, then restart mysql. 

Used for wcms3.0.4.0, etc.

Can not find the black box in Ceiba II server playback. We’re sure that there is normal-sized black box.

1. The service need to connect the mongdb database on the server. Therefore we need to check the status of mongdb database. 

2. 1) Check the debug print information if it indicated that the service can not connect to 27017

2) Check the mongdb server if it has successfully started. 

3. Check the mongdb log if it indicates “locked”

4. Repair the problem with the repairing tool in CMS server shortcut. 

Why there are two WIFI ports on the rear panel of X3-H0204/X3-H0402?
When initially designing the product, we used the 802.11ac standard solution for WIFI, which need two WIFI antenna. However, the current WIFI still uses 802.11bgn standard. One is reserved WIFI port. The two antenna ports have no difference and can be either selected. 
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