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Best Mobile NVR for truck surveillance solution

Time: 2016-05-04

A few years ago, trucks had made a series of accidents, most of which are caused by over-load, over-speed, fatigue driving......Chinse government paid great attention to such issue, and started to work with enterprises (one of them is Streamax) to think how to solve these problems. Government hopes to get the real-time information of truck, such as recording, position, image ... It would be better if the device can detect the following behavior: smoking, eating, chatting...

And these data can be uploaded to platform anytime. Finally, Streamax helps the government solve its problem.

All the trucks used for travelling must install mobile DVR before October 31, 2015 in Sichuan Province, China. In addtion, All the trucks in USA are supposed to install electronic logging devices before 2017, which is used to read the ECU information to record driving time.

Now please come and look at this compact size MDVR D5/D5M. With single-din design, it can easily be embedded in any kind of vehicles. D5/D5M is really the best sell MDVR in Streamax.


- Supports 4 channel WD1 + 4 channel 720P (D5)

- Supports 4 channels WD1+1 channel IPC (D5M)

-Hard disk recording(D5)

-Dual SD card recording (D5M)

-Power loss protection

-Alarm when accidents happen


-Remote maintenance/check/upgrade

-Intelligent image detection

-made of Aluminium, which is much lighter and heat radiating

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